Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Beginning

First post on a new project. I'm so nervous!

So if you're here right now, it's probably because I actually know you. In real life. So, hey! Welcome! I'm so glad you're here! I'm hoping to use this blog to review books I read, talk about upcoming releases that I'm excited for, and discuss other topics that pertain to young adult novels.

I love YA. Yes, I'm 23 years old. So what? My mother reads almost every book I read, as well. And she loves them. So the love of YA knows no boundaries of age. And I will feel no shame in reading and reviewing them. And who knows? Maybe I'll convince some more people to give YA a chance.

So here's to happy reading!


  1. You and my sister both love YA books, and I think it's inspiring. I'm excited to read your reviews, and I'll be sure to keep an open mind. ;)