Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (1): Book Boyfriends

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Since I'm new to the book-blogging community, I decided to go ahead and do one of the old Top Ten Tuesdays that I've missed already. Because really, who can pass up listing their favorite book crushes? And keep in mind, that really the order of these doesn't matter very much. Because I love them all. (Except #1. He's definitely my #1.) 

1. Chaol Westfall -- Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

Guys, seriously? Chaol is my official book boyfriend. Every book blogger or booktuber has one. THE one. The most crushable of all book crushes. And here is mine. He's attractive, and protective, and fierce. There is a moment towards the end of the book that just made me fall head over heels for him (as if I wasn't already there.) If you haven't read these books yet, DO IT. Because you won't regret it. 

2. Daniel Sheridan -- Something Strange and Deadly trilogy by Susan Dennard

Also a no-brainer. Maybe it's because Sarah and Susan are BFFs, but something about both of their books just make me swoon. Daniel is a rough-around-the-edges inventor with little to no manners, but he genuinely cares so much about the rest of the Spirit-Hunters, even when he may not come across as the kindest person. He's amazing. (PS. The 3rd and final book in the series, Strange and Ever After, released today! Happy book birthday, Susan! 

3. Adam Wilde -- If I Stay duology by Gayle Forman

A bad boy rock star with a heart of gold? Literally say no more. 

(But he gets even better in the sequel, which is from his POV!)

4. Day Wing -- Legend trilogy by Marie Lu 

Day is a rebel who would give up EVERYTHING to protect his family, and he's ridiculously strong to boot. This was a slow burn book crush for me, because it took until the second book for me to really fall in love with him. And then I loved him (and the other characters) SO much that the third book nearly killed me. This is one of my very favorite dystopian trilogies. 

5. Sturmhond -- Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo (Books 2 and 3)

A dashing privateeer with  loads of secrets, and tons of charm to match. Need I go on? 

(And he just gets better and better.) 

6. Oren -- Skylark trilogy by Meagan Spooner 

AHHH. Seriously, I can't really talk about him much without giving away plot details. But suffice it to say, I ADORE HIM. 

7. Augustus Waters -- The Fault in Our Stars by John Green 

Come on. You all knew it was coming. Gus is a pretentious butthead sometimes, but when you finally break through that facade and see the hurt and fear underneath, it's impossible NOT to love him. 

8. Cricket Bell -- Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins 

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Etienne St. Clair from Perkin's Anna and the French Kiss. But there's just something about how earnest Cricket is that gets me. And that name. Now, come on. I'm a sucker for adorable names like that. 

9. Ian O'Shea -- The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Yeah. I know. Stephenie Meyer. But while the Twilight saga was disappointing after a while, I still absolutely LOVE The Host, and Ian is just such an amazing character. He falls for a soul, not just the person on the outside, and there's nothing sexier. 

(It doesn't hurt that for most of the book, I pictured him as Ian Somerhalder.) 

10. Peeta Mellark -- The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins 

I was Team Peeta from the start, and he's just amazing. He's fiercely loyal and protective, but he's such a gentle soul. I love him so much. 

Tell me: who is YOUR favorite book crush?  

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